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Living Pod


This project consists of two light sensitive interactive garments representing a pair of fraternal twins.

Garment B mimics the eventual transformations of garment A, but in sequential and fixed intervals. These metamorphoses are systematically “unbalanced” and “exaggerated”. Both garments are subjected to structural modifications generated by inconspicuous bursts of air within its numerous compartments when an individual triggers a sensor with a light source, such as a flashlight. The physical changes of the garments are achieved through the application of flat pattern cutting techniques, thus allowing the objects to be transformed into a variety of shapes. Equipped with micro-motors and light sensors, garment A “breathes” when a light source triggers the sensor. Garment B then flamboyantly mimics garment A, representing the movements of a jellyfish. The velocity of the garment’s movements depends on the intensity of the light source. After working with air in the “Walking City” project, I wanted to explore another intangible element from our physical world: light. Essentially, this project also explores the idea of confrontation and mimicry that is omnipresent within today’s fashion system.



  • 2010. Designing Machines. Design Museum Holon, Israël.
  • 2010. CODE LIVE. Culture Olympiad, Vancouver.
  • 2009. Five ways to tell a story about fashion by Ying Gao. Centre d'art [plug in], Kunst und neue medien, Bâle, Suisse.(solo)
  • 2008. Coefficients d'intimité. Centre Oboro, Montréal


After studying fashion design at HEAD in Geneva and UQAM, Ying Gao completed a master’s degree in interactive multimedia. She first gained professional experience analyzing trends in fashion and interactive multimedia, and then in fashion design and teaching in Paris, Beijing and Montreal. Her creations have been exhibited in a number of museums and galleries and have appeared in books and magazines on art and design (D+A, Wallpaper, Interview Magazine, Madame Figaro, Vision...).Ying Gao challenges the notion of clothing as we know it by combining the technology of textiles, urban design, architecture and multimedia. A Phyllis Lambert Design Montréal Grant recipient, she draws inspiration from the transformation of the social and urban environment to explore how clothing is constructed. Her creations have travelled the world, resulting in her being named to the Canadian Top 40 for 2009 by the British magazine Wallpaper, the only fashion designer to earn such a distinction.


  • Simon Laroche : Consultant en design interactif


  • Hexagram



Anne-Marie Laflamme, Isabelle Giroux: Assitantes, design de mode.

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