Lynn Hughes and Heather Kelley




The interactive environment, Fabulous, conceived by Lynn Hughes and Heather Kelley looked explicitly at play.

This game-like environment prompts participants to more around an extended physical space holding a seductively furry ball and following sound clues to find virtual hotspots in the room. Moving around the room with the ball produces a kind of free hand drawing on the screen. Squeezing the ball at the hotspots incrementally reveals a 3-D object on the screen, which also contributes to gradually uncovering a story. The game is designed to radically supplement the screen with sound (as a driver of the play rather than just background atmospherics) and with the body and space. In fact, the screen literally pictures the idea of space punctuated by nodes, and the game is, likewise, one of spatial play punctuated by occasional screen objects which then lead into (lean into) the next round of spatial play. Alexander Galloway talks about the interplay between free play and goal oriented play as a kind of tension that causes the whole to quiver. This kind of tension is underlined in Fabulous where a free drawing is produced on the screen during the activity of searching for hotspots -and one could choose just to draw and never to find.


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