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Office of Spectral Ecology

Matthew Biederman


Office of Spectral Ecology


The Office of Spectral Ecology is the central node for a series of ongoing works and investigations.

Research into the ownership and lack of public space within the electromagnetic spectrum is the offices central tenet.  The electromagnetic spectrum is arguably the world’s most valuable resource yet because of technological innovation, it is also the world’s only inexhaustible resource.  The OSE exploits and explores the notion of public space within the spectrum.  The spectrum penetrates our lives and enables all of today’s modern transactions. The projects underway by the OSE are manifold;

  • Spectrum Survey: an intervention within public space where local electromagnetic pollution levels are measured and mapped within the city
  • Spectrum Ownership: research and display of local public rights to the spectrum
  • Global Spectrum Monitoring: constant data gathering and display of a variety of sources measuring spectral weather and electromagnetic storms
  • Radio Communications demonstrations and workshops
  • Advocating spectral open space with the International Telecommunications Union


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Matthew Biederman has spent over a decade working across technologies in order to reflect upon them. Through workshops, installations, performances, and interventions, he constantly reframes arguments considering the totality of media in contemporary life. In the past he has directed Artist’s Television Access in San Francisco, which has led to setting up workshops for open-source technologies in the Arctic. His work has been exhibited around the globe, dealing with such diverse topics as the ownership of the electromagnetic spectrum, to the perception of the visible spectrum and its digitization. He has performed audio-visual works that directly disrupt the normal flows of the spectrum and others that aim to directly affect the viewers’ eyes and ears through abstraction. He currently lives in Montreal with his girlfriend and two dogs in Montreal and is currently represented by Art45.


HomeProjects — Office of Spectral Ecology

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