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Flo)(ps is a series of interactive glasses that, when filled, touched and manipulated, enable flows of sound and light between them.

Each artifact takes on a distinct identity, through its multifaceted and evolving behavioral qualities. Its sonic and luminous responses are continuously coupled to movement and actions performed with it. When more Flo)(ps are in use, they affect each other's behavior. Through variety of gestures, visitors can enable sound and light relations between the glasses. As they negotiate respective movements, secret connections between people and objects are revealed and a new atmosphere is collaboratively created. Flo)(ps explores the intimate relation between us and things we touch, which is often overshadowed by functionality. It reminds us of that intimacy, animating it and extending it through social conduits. Using our own customary behaviors and gestures, the project engenders new connections between everyday things and people using them.



  • Flo(ps), interactive glasses at Tweakfest, Zurich, 2009.
  • Flo(ps) and Spinotron at  ”Science beyond Fiction” European Future Technologies Conference, Prague 2009.
  • Flo(ps) and Spinotron. Demain, c'est aujourd'hui exhibition. 10th Biennale Internationale du Design de Saint-Etienne. 2008.
  • Coefficients d'intimité / Amplified Intimacies, exposition thématique, centre d'art Oboro, Montréal, 13 sept au 18 octobre 2008;


Karmen Franinovic is the co-founder of Zero-Th, an independent research organization developing concepts and projects which explore the evolution of the multidimensional urban fabric. By introducing interactive technologies into architecture, she seeks in her work to stimulate social and bodily movements, and to raise awareness of interaction with/in the urban surroundings and its diverse ecologies. In addition to urban explorations, Karmen's research is increasingly focused on tangible interaction and sound feedback embedded in artefacts and spaces. Karmen leads sonic interaction design research at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) supported by European Science Foundation and European Commission Sixth Framework Programme.

Karmen received the Laurea degree with Honours in architecture from IUAV (Venice) and Master's degree from the IDII (Ivrea). She worked as an architect on large public buildings with AltenArchitekten, ArchA, Arata Isozaki, and Arup. Karmen has taught at Concordia University in Montreal and at ZHdK. Her projects have been presented / commissioned by at Ircam/Centre Pompidou, DEAF, SF Camerawork, Fondazione Sandretto, Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, The Junction and others.


  • Yon Visell : Software development
  • Martin Peach : Electronics support


  • EU research project CLOSED, FP6-NEST-PATH no. 29085
  • Zurich University of the Arts
  • Hexagram
  • Interstices


Thanks to Fabienne Meyer and Thomas Tobler for 3d printing support.

HomeProjects — Flo)(ps

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