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Les attracteurs étranges

François Quévillon


Les attracteurs étranges


Les attracteurs étranges looks at the notions of screen and interface through the interaction of matter, energy and information.

Created using the architectural features of the site, the installation connects processes of transduction and amplification between device, spaces and individuals. It invites visitors to interact with a visible chaos that incarnates and temporalizes perception.

The installation consists of an architectural barrier that divides the site of the work into two rooms. A glass tank built in to a wall and containing a smoke pot acts as an interstitial area that connects the spaces and the people that inhabit them. The presence and movement of visitors from one side of the “smoke screen” to the other change its density and dynamic. The cloud’s movement is produced by air currents created by some thirty fans activated by the positions of visitors. The sound vibrations of the fans’ motors and the internal resonance of the device are amplified and transmitted to adjoining spaces.


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François Quévillon is an installation and new media artist. His work explores complex phenomena of matter and perception using processes that are triggered by spectators and changing environmental conditions. He holds a master’s in visual and media arts from UQAM. A FQRSC and CIAM fellow, he was awarded the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Scholarship in 2005 and the Nouvelles Images Jury Prize at the 2002 edition of Vidéaste recherché•e. His work has been exhibited in Canada, France, Brazil, Lebanon and online.


  • Electronics : Stéphane Beaudet


This project received support from the Interstices research group and Centre interuniversitaire des arts médiatiques — CIAM.


Thanks to Stéphane Beaudet for the electronics, Gisèle Trudel, Jean Dubois, Lynn Hughes and members of Interstices and all those who collaborated on this project. Thanks to Rickie Lea Owens, François Lemieux, François Simard and the entire OBORO team for their assistance during assembly and all the work for the OBORO exhibition.

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