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Les Errances de l'écho

interactive sound mirror, 2003-2005

Jean Dubois

Les errances de l'écho


A strange kind of relationship is sometimes established between people, as much tacit exchange as dialogue of the deaf, a situation that seems to suggest playful complicity as much as ambiguous tension. In Les Errances de l'écho, with touch-sensitive mirrors, I want to offer spectators just such an experience.

Following their movements, an intermingling of superposed and criss-crossing voices emanates from the object. In the repartee of invisible encounters, one finds a repertoire of flattering and censorious comments, passing memories, hesitations, justifications, feelings of emptiness or bouts of loneliness, expressions of pride, self-doubts, playful nudges. A kind of community of mind takes shape in this sinuous mise en scène, in which one may sometimes recognize oneself through affinities, sometimes discover subtle and potentially intriguing divergences. Without necessarily ignoring the narcissist symbolism of the mirror, the approach strives to compare private monologues, common traits, or shared concerns. The proliferation of individual appearances, then, serves as a canvas for a play of correspondences mingling resemblances with dissonances.


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Jean Dubois is a multidisciplinary artist who mainly produces media installations. His work explores the poetic potential of the interactive image, in particular, while staging situations that deal with otherness and intersubjectivity. He mainly uses touch-screens as corporal interface, bringing the spectator into contact with fictional characters and proposing intimate encounters with the body and with other' memory. The situations he offers are as suggestive of seduction as they are of disillusionment. His productions have been presented in Brazil, Japan, Luxembourg, United States and at various other museums and artists' centres in Quebec and Canada. He teaches at the École des arts visuels et médiatiques at UQÀM, and co-directs the creative research group Interstices. He is also a member of the research organizations Hexagram Institut de recherche et de création en arts et technologies médiatiques (Hexagram institute for research in the arts and media technologies); Centre interuniversitaire en arts médiatiques (CIAM; interuniversity media arts centre); Groupe de recherches en arts médiatiques (GRAM; media arts research group).


HomeProjects — Les Errances de l'écho

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