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Alexandre Castonguay




Digitale is an interactive installation comprising a wall projection and a bench on which an old still camera is placed.

A touch-sensitive screen, incorporated into the bench, shows a video image picked up by this continuously operating camera. When a visitor touches this screen, concentric circles superimpose themselves on the image, making it shimmer as if it was reflected in the water, giving the image a new sense of materiality. The water’s fluidity suits the changing nature of the video image and highlights its mobility. Moreover, when participants press the camera’s shutter release, it produces a black and white still that is projected onto the wall. This photo gradually fades, giving way to an increasingly abstract representation. This fading process gives rise to reflection about the fragility of the memory evoked by the photographic image.

Participants can incorporate themselves into these images by turning the camera on themselves, then witness the transformation of their own image and connect with the effect of these devices on representation. Digitale thus invites an examination of the technologies used to capture and process the real (analog and digital photography and video) and a consideration of their ability to redefine the world.



Alexandre Castonguay is a University of Ottawa professor and a founding member of Artengine, an artist centre devoted to displaying art on the web and the artistic exploration of new technology. Castonguay works in the field of new media and digital art. His works exploits both obsolete technology and open source software. His interactive installations were shown at the Medienkunstlabor in Graz, Austria (2004), at the Ottawa Art Gallery (2003), at the Glendon Gallery at York University in Toronto (2003), at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (2004) and at the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City (2001). These digitally-mastered photographs have been featured in numerous exhibits and have been acquired by several institutional and private collectors. The artist is represented by the gallery Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain in Montreal.

HomeProjects — Digitale

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