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Jean Dubois



What is the relationship between a demolition derby, wallpaper, an obsolete video game, post-structuralism and a moving current of air?

Nothing except perhaps BrainStorm, a video installation featuring the key concepts of Jacques Derrida moving about on the wall to form a text in which the logic of syntax is replaced by a random program based on collision and wandering. Indeed, the spectator is invited to blow on the installation to energize the convoluted discourse of both authors so that their distinctive vocabularies accidently meet to produce both a playful textual representation and a dynamic reconfiguration of the space itself.


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  • La Biennale de Montréal, Centre international d’art contemporain de Montréal, from May 1st to 31st 2011. Curators : Pierre Gosselin and David Liss.


    Jean Dubois creates media installations using a poetic and critical approach to address interpersonal relations, combinatory textuality and intersubjectivity. He uses media interfaces that integrate spectators’ bodies to bring them into contact with fictional characters and environments. He is pursuing his research exploring the intersection of body interfaces and public spaces. He teaches at UQAM’s École des arts visuels et médiatiques in Montreal and is chair of the board of directors for the centre de l'image contemporaine Vox. He is also a member of the Hexagram Institute. His work has been presented at a number of artists’ centres and museums in Canada and abroad (in Poland, China, the United States, Brazil, Japan, the Netherlands and Luxembourg).


  • Ghyslain Gagnon : professor, École de technologie supérieure, Montreal
  • Marc-André Carbonneau : programing, graduate student, École de technologie supérieure
  • Laurent Lamarche : logistique et installation, graduate student, visual and media arts, UQAM
  • Yanick Bourret et Sébastien Lauzon : programing assistants, undergraduate students, École de technologie supérieure



Chloé Lefebvre, Christian Masson (ÉTS), Martin Pelletier (Hexagram), Soledad Tremblay-Lefebvre

HomeProjects — BrainStorm

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